ÔÇ£It was a delight to read a management book which re lects the true complexity of organisational leadership. This book challenges directors to systematically test their knowledge of how well an organisation is working and their contribution to the organisation by working through 99 questions. The process helps to force innovative thinking into the organisational culture ÔÇô every non-executive director should buy a copy.ÔÇØ

Dr. Dougal Goodman

Chief Executive, The Foundation for Science and Technology

ÔÇ£A thoughtful collection of insights and, even better, penetrating questions for generating your own best insights.ÔÇØ

Professor Maury Peiperl

Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Director of Cranfield School of Management

ÔÇ£The most successful entrepreneurs have an internal framework where they focus on the fundamental truths underlying a problem before devising a solution. This book provides such a framework.ÔÇØ

Mike Lynch

Founder, Invoke Capital; Co-Founder, Autonomy Corporation

ÔÇ£This book provides an excellent concise source of things to think about and things to do in many business situations. A friendly expert on your case!ÔÇØ

Jon Moulton

Founder, Better Capital

ÔÇ£The 99 Essential Business Questions is a brilliant contribution. The notion of a book of questions-without-answers may seem like a gimmick, but this thoughtful contribution to thought is so much more than that. The reader starts with a situation he/she is currently facing; the authors then pose a series of questions the reader could profitably be asking, along with how answering those questions could serve the reader, and insights that might be revealed. I found the process akin to having a solid consultant on hand: clarifying my current situation, revealing what ÔÇÿs standing in my way (including me), and opening paths of progress. Well done, chaps!ÔÇØ

Barry Oshry

Author, Seeing Systems: Unlocking the Mysteries of Organizational Life



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