A book keeper in the clientÔÇÖs administration queried the fee request record of one of my consulting team.┬á She had spotted that the team memberÔÇÖs attendance record differed from the claim account.┬á It transpired that the team member had agreed with his client supervising manager to work overtime on a few days so that he could leave early one weekend.

This fits the bookÔÇÖs Situation 4 ÔÇ£An external party raises doubts about the ability of a key member of my team.ÔÇØ


Looking through the questions associated with this Situation I come across Question 36 ÔÇ£What do I do to demonstrate that I take feedback seriously.ÔÇØ I should have considered this question because ÔÇ£If I donÔÇÖt demonstrate that I take feedback seriously, I am indicating that I am not open to feedback in the future.ÔÇØ┬á┬á ┬áIf only I had considered this Question 36 carefully at the time.

Insights would have included:

  • To what extent I value the views of those with whom I work.
  • Am I truly a team player?
  • Am I avoiding giving and requesting feedback? If so, why might that be?

Most importantly I would have realized that administrative members of the clientÔÇÖs organization were also necessary members of the assignment team.

As it was, although the immediate issue was resolved, the administrator was, I fear, left with a feeling that we had not taken her feedback seriously enough.  In the light of using this question and associated insights I would have done much more to embrace the feedback and make the administrator feel part of the team.

Was it just coincidence that shortly afterwards we failed to secure further work with this, at the time, our most important client?



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