David Shannon

David ShannonDavid is the principal and managing director of Oxford Project Management Ltd (OPM), a management consultancy founded in 1988. He studied Natural Science at Oxford University, practiced civil engineering, became a senior management consultant and joined the staff of the World Bank. Since returning to the UK, he has led assignments in such fields as central and local government, chartered institutions and large and small private sector companies. His focus is on helping directors and managers identify and realise opportunities, usually through workshops, process improvements, mentoring and training.

He is active in the Association for Project Management (APM) in which he was a director and deputy chairman and championed the application of governance to project portfolios. He was voted one of the 10 most influential people in Project Management in the UK. His contribution to the profession was recognised by APM with an honorary fellowship.

As well as in the public and private engineering and transport sectors, OPMÔÇÖs experience leading change programmes covers such varied fields as wildlife management in Africa, National Training programmes in Mauritius and, in the UK, legal services, the BBC and the British Standards Institution.

Email: David.Shannon@opmg.co.uk

Davids’s Websites:

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Director (Dean), Cranfield School of Management



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