Gia CampariGia Campari

Leadership has a greater influence on the overall well-being of an organisation – financial, ethical, place to work – than any other element, and this has become the focus of her work. Gia’s experience as a research chemist at the ETH in Zurich, the University of London and in industry, has left a permanent desire for innovation – the constant search for the unexpected, simple solution to organisational issues.

Following an MBA at London Business School, Gia specialised in marketing and business strategy with the silicone valley-based SRI. A Swedish-based boutique consultancy introduced Gia to facilitation, which allowed her to lead culture/performance improvement/change projects for major organisations in Europe and the USA. Her interest in creativity led her to introduce creativity to the change process.

Gia founded Signals of Change to help individuals and teams grow through leadership and innovation. Gia has lectured in creativity and leadership at universities in Italy and has served on the board of a software multinational and a manufacturing SME.



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A thoughtful collection of insights and, even better, penetrating questions for generating your own best insights.  This book provides an excellent concise source of things to think about and things to do in many business situations. A friendly expert on your case!

Professor Maury Peiperl

Director (Dean), Cranfield School of Management



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