Michael Jeans

Michael JeansMichael has held leadership positions ever since his time at the University of Bristol where he was president of Athletic Union (the body responsible for all sport) and Captain of Boats (rowing is the ultimate team sport in his view!).

At KPMG, he rose to be a member of the overall UK board and senior consulting partner before he decided to leave in 1994 to pursue a portfolio career. During his time at KPMG, he was one of a very small group of people drawn from other consulting ¤Éirms and Harvard that developed Activity Based Costing which ¤Élew in the face of traditional accounting wisdom.

He has been the president of two professional institutes (Institute of Management Consultancy and Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) and master of three livery companies (Management Consultants, Haberdashers and Chartered Accountants).

Michael has been the executive chairman of a ¤Éirm of solicitors (Bevan Brittan), deputy chairman of Gemserv Ltd (a consultancy specialising in utility regulation), and a member of committees of the General Medical Council and General Council of the Bar.

He was awarded an honorary degree by Cran¤Éield University in 1996 and the MBE in 2006.

Email: michael@quagon.co.uk

Mike’s Website:

This book provides an excellent concise source of things to think about and things to do in many business situations. A friendly expert on your case!

Barry Oshry

Author, Seeing Systems: Unlocking the Mysteries of Organizational Life



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